Templates for SVG cards.

On Wed, 2004-07-14 at 16:15, David Bellot wrote:

> Just in order to be sure : do you need a single large SVG file with
> all the cards in it or do you need a piece of code which loads all the
> cards in a single large pixbuf ?
> David


All of the cards are in one large SVG file, matching the layout used in
the current PNG themes... The easiest way to get the new PNG themes over
the web is at http://cvs.gnome.org -> gnome-games -> libgames-support ->
bonded.png and dondorf.png .


While on the topic of large SVG files, I am posting templates for SVG
playing cards this morning. These are pips, indexes, and card shapes,
arranged in an SVG that is as light and fast as I can make it: 30KB,
loading in .31 seconds on a 850mhz machine. They also seem readable at
32% scale...

2 index: http://rahga.com/svg/cardtemplate2.svg
4 index: http://rahga.com/svg/cardtemplate4.svg

This is work-in-progress to the extent that if a request comes in from
aisleriot or blackjack, I'll update them. Otherwise, I think they look
good to go, and even seem mostly usable (but not editable) in Inkscape.

For the non-artists, yes, the deck is playable (lacking face art and
back art), but there's little reason for anyone to want to use it just
yet. :)

-Richard Hoelscher

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