Gnome-games 2.4.0

It is finally here: gnome-games "Reasonable Excuse" 2.4.0

With over 100 bugs closed and a megabyte shaved off the download we 
know you are going to just love this new stable release. A full list 
of the changes has been appened to the end of this announcement (and
can also be found in the README file), the high-lights are:
 - Fewer bugs.
 - Better looking and HIG compliant.
 - Up-to-date documentation.
 - A new game, Blackjack.
 - Gnomine and Tetravex and now resizeable.
 - Sokoban levels for GNOME Stones.
 - Bill is dead (trust me, this is a high-light).

It should also compile under a GNOME 2.2 system if you do not feel
like doing a complete GNOME upgrade (although your computer will
love you if you do go the whole way).

The release can be found at

and mirrors.

Special thanks must go to Jon McCann and Steve Chaplin for their
hard work in getting gnome-games where it is today.

 - Callum

There have been several major changes between version 2.2 of
gnome-games and version 2.4. These are:
 - XBill has been removed since it was getting too far out of sync
   with the official release at
 - A new game, Blackjack, has been added.
 - The stand-alone Freecell game has been removed in favour of a
   special mode for AisleRiot (it still has its own icon).
 - All games have updated documentation.
 - All games are broadly HIG compliant and have things like auto-apply
   preferences and the menus are context snesitive (e.g. no undo until
   you make a move).
 - GConf is more widely used and sanity checks are performed on them.
 - Any dialog that asked "Are you sure ?" has been removed, including
   the quit dialogs. It has been foolishly assumed that you know what
   you are doing.
 - A lot of the names have been changed to remove GNOME-this and
   g-that style names. This only applies to the icons and the panel
   menu items.
 - The size of many graphics files have been reduced.
 - Lots and lots of bug-fixes.
 = A new undo system should remove many of the stranger bugs.
 - Better (but not perfect) integration with gettext, more text should
   be translated now.
 - Pixmaps are shared with Iagno.
 - The animation code has been fixed and "partial" mode now works.
 - Undo works properly and the game doesn't crash after the 128th
 - This is completely new, enjoy.
 - There is now a visual indication when the game is over or paused.
 - It is a lot prettier.
 - The background is a solid colour rather than a pixmap and the
   foreground pixmaps now use alpha-blending.
 - This has received a lot of love thanks to Steve Chaplin.
 - The window is resizeable and the graphics scale to match the window
 - The difference between cleared and uncleared mines has been
Nibbles and Robots:
 - The preferences are now fully keyboard-navigable.
 - New Sokoban levels.
 - A restart level option, for when you get stuck playing the Sokoban
 - The curses version has been removed.
 - It is now completely resizeable.

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