Removing games from gnome-games


As some people know, I am planning on removing some of the games from
gnome-games. The removed games will continue to be in CVS, in a new
module. I am doing this as the current tarballs are over 10M, which is
getting silly.

I will never remove:
* aisleriot
* mahjongg
* gnome tetris
* gnome mines

I will be removing
* iagno2 (not a G2 games, and is disabled atm)
* freecell (aisleriot covers card games)
* xbill (upstream has a GTK+ 2 release)
* gnibbles (everyone has snakes on their phone, and its dull)

The other games are debatable.

Comments? Suggestions?

Ross Burton                                 mail: ross burtonini com
                                      jabber: ross jabber debian net
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