Re: [GUAD3C] Es tiempo! Fwd: Should I pack my bags for Spain?

On Fri, 2002-03-01 at 05:45, Gregorio Robles wrote:

> 	Some of the speakers already have cancelled their presentatios :-(.
> I'll send an email to the rest of speakers today afternoon in order to
> confirm their assistance.
> 	What can I tell them about travel reimbursement?

The travel subsidy requests will be totalled as soon as everyone as
given submitted their information.  We can then allocate the amount of
money we have to help as many people as possible, based on need.
Speakers/presenters first. Please ask them which airport/train station
they need to depart from and if they have already made housing



>          Minutes of the GNOME Board meeting 26th February 2002
>          =====================================================

>  ACTION: Tim and Miguel check for logistic and policy of funding
>          people travels and accomodations.
>        => Tim has been following this up. We have several individual
>        nominations/requests for funding, but need the overall picture.

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