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Hi Bex,

Thank you for your help!.

Gregorio, do you want me to update this or you are doing it?. If I
receive no response in 5 minutes I will update it by myself. 



En sáb, 2002-01-12 a 12:43, Rebecca J. Walter escribió:
> Here is the proofread text. It should not take long to modify.
> Things in [] are comments.  Sorry for the weird indents. I copied and
> pasted from Netscape.  Please note the paragraph merging in the last
> section. They were a bit too short and I think this works better.
> Sorry about the delay responding.
>               GNOME Foundation will hold its third annual GNOME Users
> and Developers
>               European Conference 2002 in Seville, Spain, from April
> 4-6, 2002. 
>               This year, we are going to try a new procedure for
> accepting papers for 
>               GUADEC. Every presentation, tutorial or workshop should
> have a paper that
>               will be reviewed by a commitee formed by GNOME
> top-hackers, local
>               organization members and independent persons from other
> big Free
>               Software or Open Source projects. 
>               Papers should meet the following requirements:
>                   XML/DocBook format 
> [Generally / is not punctuation. Is this the standard way of referring
> to that format?]
>                   1500 - 4000 words 
>                   English language 
>                   Abstract 
>                   Licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License 
>               If you have a problem with the above mentioned conditions,
> please contact
>               <g3submissions gnome org> or at the #guadec channel on
>               The deadlines work as follows: 
>                   Authors of papers or technical presentors are invited
> to submit abstracts
>                   (150 - 400 words) by the January 25th deadline. 
>                   Final papers (1500 - 4000 words) should be submitted
> by Febrary 15th. 
>                   You will recieve feedback from the revision commitee
> by February 28th. 
>                   The deadline for the final version of the papers is
> March 15th. 
>                   All papers will be published in the GUAD3C website by
> March 18th in
>                   several formats (DocBook/XML, HTML, PDF). 
>               Take a look at this diagram for an intuitive approach of
> the actions that have to
>               be done and the deadlines to follow. 
>               Conforming to the GNOME Documentation Style Guide is
> encouraged. 
>               Audience 
>               The GNOME developer community has grown from the original
> days, where a
>               developer could keep track of all of the development
> efforts in the GNOME world. 
> Today over 700 developers have CVS access. 
> Open the door to non- GNOME core developers. In the past, GUADEC was an
> event mainly targeted to developers of the GNOME platform. 
> GUADEC 3 will open the doors of GNOME to developers who may be
> planning on using the GNOME 2.x platform. It will allow them to hear and
> meet experienced GNOME hackers. 

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