gnome-media 2.14.2

       Module: gnome-media
      Version: 2.14.2
  Uploaded by: Sebastien Bacher
  md5sum: 0df336d3c4fd2c1d7c591b7f7b3ced8e
    size: 3.8M
  md5sum: 16c35916f429c5ea04fb942b4072643b
    size: 2.8M


This is gnome-media 2.14.2

Changes since 2.14.0:
	* fix muting issues in gnome sound recorder
	* add more tracks to default whitelist in gnome volume control
	* po/intltool updates (as for other gnome packages)
	* use GOption instead of popt
	* new/updated translations: be bg br ca cs cy de dz el es et eu fi
				    fr gl gu lt lv nb nl nn or sq sv th vi
				    zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW

Bugs fixed:
	* 333450: add categories to gnome-sound-recorder.desktop
	* 333476: gnome-sound-recorder MUTES sound-recording when recording...
	* 334301: Linkage order fix
	* 336000: [PATCH] shut off compile time warning
	* 336147: Convert from popt to GOption
	* 336186: Gnome Volume Control applet should display "digital outpu...
	* 337153: CVS fails to build
	* 337892: use po/LINGUAS
	* 338251: gstreamer-properties i18n fix (not translatable)
	* 339159: [Patch] Use po/LINGUAS - based on the new guidelines
	* 341361: patch for as-needed
	* 343030: gstreamer-properties talks about 'XWindows'

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