evince 0.5.3

       Module: evince
      Version: 0.5.3
  Uploaded by: Elijah Newren

  md5sum: b74b60d8f240bdff1a521aaac6a4df9c
    size: 1.4M

  md5sum: 94be73485eeb8584b4aeaa8ac87699f0
    size: 976K


Evince   0.5.3

New Features:

    * Evince supports attachments in PDF files
    * We require gtk 2.8 and djvulibre 3.5.17 now
    * Links system is reworked allowing named links

Interface imporovements:

    * Esc closes properties dialog
    * Cursor is hidden in presentation mode
    * Find previous item is added to the menu

Bug Fixes:

    * GOption port and po/LINGUAS work
    * Fixed mime type detection by file contents
    * Several memory leaks were found
    * Crash on exit related to thumbnailer
    * Current page is selected more intelligently
    * Work around libtool build bug is created


    * bg bn br dz es et fi gl gu nb nl nn no ro vi zh_CN zh_HK zh_TW

    Michael Plump, Carlos Garcia Campos, Wouter Bolsterlee, Francisco
    Javier F. Serrador, Kjartan Maraas and especially all translators.

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