gedit 2.15.2

       Module: gedit
      Version: 2.15.2
  Uploaded by: Paolo Borelli
  md5sum: 44c0f8b0e81e2239c805f4b5827bb7d1
    size: 3.9M
  md5sum: a265839769777898047c1832a042d39b
    size: 2.3M


=== gedit 2.15.2 ===

2006-05-15  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* bump intltool requirement to 0.35.0

	* NEWS:
	gedit 2.15.2 released

2006-05-15  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* bindings/python/gedit.defs: Remove gedit_ prefix from functions, and
	add gedit_-prefixed ones marked as deprecated.
	* bindings/python/gedit.override: Add overrides for deprecated functions
	issuing a DeprecationWarning when used.
	* plugins/externaltools/tools/
	* plugins/externaltools/tools/
	* plugins/snippets/snippets/
	* plugins/snippets/snippets/
	* plugins/snippets/snippets/
	Use the new function names.

2006-05-15  Paolo Borelli  <pborelli katamail com>

	* plugins/sort/gedit-sort-plugin.c: handle empty lines correctly.
	bug #341117.

2006-05-14  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* bindings/python/
	* bindings/python/geditutils.defs:
	* bindings/python/geditutils.override:
	New gedit.utils python module binding a few functions from gedit-utils.h

	* gedit/gedit-python-module.c: (gedit_python_module_init_python): import
	the new above-mentioned module.

2006-05-02  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* gedit/gedit-plugin-manager.c: destroy the popup menu when the dialog
	is closed.
	* plugins/modelines/ fix a warning (typo).

2006-05-02  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* gedit/gedit-plugin-manager.c: new layout for the plugin manager:
	hide the treeview headers and add a title. Add a context menu to the
	plugin list.
	* gedit/gedit-plugins-engine.c
	(gedit_plugin_engine_get_plugin_icon_name): fallback to default icon
	when the specified icon is invalid or unavailable.

	* gedit/gedit-utils.[ch] (gedit_utils_menu_position_under_tree_view):
	new helper function allowing to position a popup menu under the active
	row of a tree view.

2006-05-01  Jesse van den Kieboom  <jesse icecrew nl>
	* gedit/plugins/snippets/snippets/ added 
	sigalarm timeout for python placeholders. Cleaned up python 
	placeholders. Make updating mirror placeholders abort when one of the 
	updates fails (like for example a timeout)
2006-05-01  Jesse van den Kieboom  <jesse icecrew nl>

	* gedit/plugins/snippets/snippets/ added check
	for valid snippets. Fixed check for valid accelerator.

2006-05-01  Jesse van den Kieboom  <jesse icecrew nl>

	* gedit/plugins/snippets/snippets/ 
	* gedit/plugins/snippets/snippets/
	* gedit/plugins/snippets/snippets/
	* gedit/plugins/snippets/snippets/
	Added snippet validation (by tab trigger and accelerator). Added error 
	message for invalid tab triggers

2006-04-28  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* gedit/gedit-plugins-engine.[ch]: add support for an 'Icon' field in
	the plugins description file. New function to access this icon field:
	* gedit/gedit-plugin-manager.c: show the above defined icon in the
	plugin about boxes and in the plugin list.
	* plugins/indent/
	* plugins/pythonconsole/
	* plugins/sort/
	* plugins/spell/
	Define custom icons.

2006-04-26  Benoît Dejean  <benoit placenet org>

	* gedit/gedit-languages-manager.c: (string_to_tag_style): Cleanup.
	Closes #172352.

2006-04-26  Paolo Maggi  <paolo gnome org>

	Fixed bug #336954 â?? Does not work with arabic dictionary
	* plugins/spell/gedit-spell-checker.c: add Arabic and Arabic Egypt 
	to the list of known languages.
	Patch by Mohammed Sameer <Uniball gmx net>

2006-04-25  Steve Frécinaux  <steve istique net>

	* gedit/gedit-panel.c: Remove some unused non-working code.

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