glib 2.11.1

       Module: glib
      Version: 2.11.1
  Uploaded by: Matthias Clasen
  md5sum: d7732bc60653a8cbf4919c2927c94814
    size: 3.6M
  md5sum: 3655de1e252f3028fff862347a624808
    size: 2.8M


Overview of Changes from GLib 2.11.0 to GLib 2.11.1

* GOption  
  - Support 64-bit integers 
  - Allow optional text before and after the options
    in help output

* Bug fixes:
 340538 gbase64-test writes OOB 
 340816 GKeyFile set_string_list invalid memory reads 
 339105 g_key_file_parse_value_as_double
 340434 convert-test.c fails (function test_one_half)
 311043 Memory leaks (and potential infinite loops) 
        when using G_ERRORCHECK_MUTEXES
 335198 Error checking mutexes are fubar  
 341237 Add a G_OPTION_ARG_INT64
 341192 g_io_channel_set_flags not implemented on win32
 336120 Allow adding description before/after GOption 
        --help output body
 341191 misplaced check in g_relation_delete
 340530 mismatched calloc / g_free in win32 threads

* Updated translation (es)

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