orca 0.2.4

       Module: orca
      Version: 0.2.4
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 2b4a01ad4e43d126de37ea4b042aafec
    size: 764K

  md5sum: 85239146fa81c8aedac12920643f51b3
    size: 492K


* Addition of text and GUI preferences configuration tools.  
  NOTE: 0.2.4 eliminates orca-setup and replaces it with the 
  "--setup" (GUI or text, depending upon your environment),
  "--gui-setup" (GUI), "--text-setup" (text), "--no-setup" 
  (bypass any automatic setup mechanism - useful for running
  with gdm accessible login) command line options to the 
  "orca" command.  You can also bring up the GUI while orca 
  is running by pressing Insert+space. 
  WARNING: 0.2.4 also introduces an incompatible change to 
  the configuration file and requires you to "rm -rf ~/.orca" 
  and rerun orca setup.
* Fix for bug 340662 - do not require the desktop to be running
  to set up orca preferences.
* Addition of support for magnification similar to that in
* Fix for bug 331512 - addition of key and word echo.  We need
  community feedback on this.
* Work on specifying the external dependencies for building 
  and running Orca.
* Fix for bug where metacity workspaces (accessed via 
  Ctrl+Alt+Arrow) were being announced as inaccessible.
* Work on dealing with the Java platform giving us 
  CORBA::Unknown objects instead of Bonobo::Unknown objects.  
  Java platform support, however, still has a long way to go.
* Work on coping with CORBA COMM_FAILURES a little better.
* Fix for bug 338097 - better support for the "planner" 
* Work for bug 338890 - add ""--version" option to orca to 
  output the version.  Orca also now uses the getopt facility
  to get command line options.
* Fix for bug 340773 - focus events were interrupting the 
  automatic reading of dialog boxes.
* Fix for bug 340625 - better handling of table cells.
* Fix for bugs 340559, 337371 - reduce repetitive output of 
  slider values.
* Fix for bug 319732 - move .label logic from atspi.spi to 
  something that can be more easily overridden by scripts.
* Fix for bug 340481 - combo box updates were not being 
  handled correctly.
* Fix for bug 340305 - combo box labels were not being presented.
* Fix for bug 340556 - radio button group names were not being 
* Fix for bug 338839 - allow speech to be enabled/disabled using 
* Fix for bug 339932 - shutdown orca better on Ctrl+C from 
  the command line.
* Fix for bug 339927 - use floating point values for speech 
  rate, gain, and pitch to provide finer granularity of settings.
* Fix for bug 341415 - attempt to listen for AT-SPI events and 
  present accessible information even if no accessible windows 
  are active when orca starts.
* Work on bug 340849 - automatically enable desktop accessibility
  if needed and remind the user to log out and log back in for 
  this to take effect.
* Additions to and development of the test plan.

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