gnome-games 2.15.2

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.15.2
  Uploaded by: Callum McKenzie
  md5sum: 7185c58739edf2bbc614d1bcdcca61d7
    size: 4.3M
  md5sum: 8cd1746aff53fcdeb7173a421672c64c
    size: 3.8M


gnome-games 2.15.2

This is the second development release of gnome-games for the 2.15
development cycle. Not too much new this time, the most visible change
being the auto-move animation in Aisleriot.

 - Find the Avahi libs properly, not just if they're in /usr/lib
 - Improve the linking process for other zeroconf libraries. Once
   again this should help people compiling with libraries anywhere
   but the deafult locations.
 - Disabled GTK double-buffering in programs which do their own 
   double-buffering. Aisleriot in particular should benefit from this.

 - Add a "trickle" effect for auto-moved cards to make it more obvious
   and to make the end-of-game situation in Freecell a little less
 - Better behaviour for the mouse. Notably, if you click on a card
   that isn't draggable and move away from the card, it cancels the 
 - Radio buttons for the per-game menu have been implemented, although 
   nothing uses it properly yet (Klondike uses it, but only in a stupid 
   way for testing purposes).
 - More cleanups from Amnon Aaronsohn. Including memory leaks fixes.
 - The games list is now sorted regardless of locale.

 - Fix relative motion so the worm doesn't automatically die if you
   turn the same way too often.

 - Use the correct icon name for the desktop file.

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