librsvg 2.14.4

       Module: librsvg
      Version: 2.14.4
  Uploaded by: Dom Lachowicz
  md5sum: fa4f547e4eccba92268040611c6a8176
    size: 548K
  md5sum: 945617bb094975d7353a3852302297c1
    size: 412K


2006-05-07  Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* gdk-pixbuf-loader/io-svg.c: Fix build on GTK+ >= 2.9. (329850)
2006-05-03  Emmanuel Pacaud

	* rsvg-base.c: Fix rounding error in rsvg_pixbuf_from_file() (340664)
2006-05-03  Paolo Borelli  <pborelli katamail com>

	* rsvg-text.[ch]: pass the lenght to rsvg_make_valid_utf8.
	* rsvg-base.c: avoid some strdups and avoid a leak in the !utf8
	case of rsvg_characters(). Bug 340471.

2006-05-02 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

        * rsvg.c: Use g_try_malloc0 so that the app doesn't abort() if we
        can't malloc the requested # of pixels. Part of bug 340440.
2006-04-30 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* rsvg-gobject.c: Only initialize the SAX handler once (on class init)
	rather than at object-init
2006-04-29 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* rsvg-paint-server.c: Fix a "type-punned pointer" issue found by Thomas VS
	* rsvg-base.c: xmlChar vs. char (#340114)
2006-04-25 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* rsvg-image.c: Initialize node->super, to avoid a crash (#339637)
2006-04-24 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* librsvg.def: Export rsvg_error_get_type() (#339641)
2006-04-19 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* Bump version number
2006-04-19 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* *.[ch]: Use rsvg_return_if_fail where appropriate, to make life
	easier for language bindings and to report errors more consistently
	(bug #338881)
2006-04-17 Sebastian Rittau <srittau jroger in-berlin de>

	* Update API documentation to match deprecated symbol list

2006-04-01 Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* 2.14.3

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