beagle 0.2.7

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.2.7
  Uploaded by: Joe Shaw
  md5sum: e72b7f2491dc479399ff67c282292a5e
    size: 1.7M
  md5sum: d4c8e93db23c9b7d06104ce97a182502
    size: 1.4M


Version 0.2.7
June 19, 2006

* Fix bugs in the query parser by using a regular expression-based
  system.  (Max Wiehle, Keving Kubasik)
* Compress items in the text cache, greatly reducing disk usage.
  (Kevin, Lukas Lipka)
* Fix a bug in which the sqlite database could get cluttered with
  older files.  (Debajyoti Bera, Joe Shaw)
* Again write out the PID of the locking process, or else we cannot
  effectively detect dangling locks.  (Joe)
* If we see a lockfile with no PID, assume it's a dangling lock.
* No longer handle SIGQUIT to shut down the daemon; it's used very
  valuably by Mono for debugging purposes.  (Joe)
* Add a BEAGLE_DISABLE_XATTR environment variable to disable extended
  attribute support for testing purposes.  (Joe)
* Only print out the inotify "Maximum watch limit hit" warning once.
* Convert HTML entities when creating snippets.  (Lukas, Kevin)
* Patch our xdgmime installation to not crash if the data is reloaded
  while it is processing it.  (Joe)
* Fix an issue with newer Mono installations where the index helper
  process would become a zombie after it finished and was never
  cleaned up.  (Joe)
* Fix a bug in which properties weren't being sorted and couldn't be
  found.  (Max, Kevin, Bera)
* Work around a Mono bug so that dangling symlinks in ~/.beagle/Log
  are cleaned up at startup.  (Joe)

* Generate mail delete events using the indexable generator rather
  than creating many individual indexables by hand, which could flood
  the scheduler and slow the system down.  (Joe)
* Check for exceptions when calling GetChanges() on Evolution
  calendars and addressbooks.  (Joe)

* Added an SVG filter.  (Alexander Macdonald)
* Re-enable the CHM filter.  (Miguel Cabrera)
* Close the OpenOffice zip file when we're finished.  (Joe)
* Index additional info from ebuild files, including installation info
  and desktop file entries.  (Pat Double)
* Add duration and bitrate properties to the music filter.  (Lukas)
* Add a filter for Boo.  (Paul Betts)
* Don't throw EncodingFoundException in the HTML parser unless asked
  to.  (Bera)
* Add application/x-php as a valid mime type for the PHP filter.
* Make sure the mime type is lower case before matching on it.
  (Kevin, Joe)

* Catch exceptions if we can't load an application's icons.  (Joe,
  Pierre Poissinger)
* Include the date in note tiles.  (Lukas)
* Only display the first line of a calendar item's description.  (Dan
* Use mailto URIs rather than invoking Evolution directly when
  possible.  (Lukas)
* Use desktop-launch to open file tiles when applicable.  (Lukas)
* Make the text in the details pane selectable.  (Lukas)
* If the calendar's description is empty, still display the item.
* Simplify the code for the details pane significantly.  (Lukas)
* Scale down very large mime icons for display.  (Lukas)
* Enable the "Open With" menu if GTK+ 2.8 is available at build-time.
* Force the window to get wider if the tiles get wider rather than
  creating a horizontal scrollbar.  (Dan)

* Add --enable-deletion to beagle-build-index, which removes deleted
  files from the index.  (Bera)
* Add $sharedir/gtk-doc/html and $sharedir/gnome/html to the
  documentation crawl rules.  (Joe)
* Fix a typo in the beagled manpage.  (Kevin Lamontagne)
* Fix bugs dealing with shell quoting in beagle-query.  (Max)

* Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.  (Raphael Higino)
* Updated Czech translation.  (Jakub Friedl)
* Updated Dutch translation.  (Vincent van Adrighem)
* Updated Finnish translation.  (Ilkka Tuohela)
* Updated Galician translation.  (Ignacio Casal Quinteiro)
* Updated Greek translation.  (Kostas Papadimas)
* Updated Japanese translation.  (Takeshi Aihana)
* Updated Norwegian bokmål translation.  (Øivind Hoel)
* Updated Simplified Chinese translation.  (Funda Wang)
* Updated Spanish translation.  (Francisco Javier F. Serrador)
* Updated Swedish translation.  (Daniel Nylander)
* Updated Vietnamese translation.  (Clytie Siddall)

Everything Else:
* Make the Firefox extension work with Bon Echo (2.0 Alpha).  (Joe)
* Check for mmap() in, to optimize xdgmime.  (Joe)
* Add a pkg-config file for the UiUtil.dll assembly.  (Luis Medinas)
* Getting Dashboard building again.  (Luis)


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