rhythmbox 0.9.5

       Module: rhythmbox
      Version: 0.9.5
  Uploaded by: James Livingston

  md5sum: 3cbce0fd5ed948e13dabe7be7b9353e9
    size: 3.2M

  md5sum: ff55e1db114321b7bdd6e21df1879367
    size: 2.4M


Overview of Changes in Rhythmbox 0.9.5

* fix icon themability (Steve Frécinaux)
* handle iPods that have been repartitioned (Christophe Fergeau: 325034)
* allow ipod renaming, ejection, deletion and transfer (Christophe Fergeau)
* make iradio handling work much better (Jonathan Matthew: 320336, 324402)
* improve out-of-process metadata loader (Jonathan Matthew: 338062)
* update documentation (Baptiste Mille-Mathias, )
* pluginise iPod and Generic players (Christophe Fergeau, Jonathan Matthew)
* support saving playlists as M3U (Gavin Stewart: 316295)
* remember browser visibility when changing sources (Alex Lancaster: 118862)
* handle media unmounts better (Jonathan Matthew: 339023)
* make entry types be a structure, and add support for extended data, and
  various method implementations (Christophe Fergeau, James Livingston)
* album art view&download plugin (Alex Lancaster, James Livingston,
  Gareth Murphy, William Jon McCann, Martin Szulecki)
* update the FSF's address (Gunnar Steinn Magnusson)
* much improved Python bindings (James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew)
* fix some translation issues (Nguy�n Thái Ng�c Duy, James Livingston: 339380, 343081)
* improve startup time (James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew)
* fix audioscrobbler submission, and allow viewing of info (Jonathan Matthew: 325848)
* improve DBus interface (Jonathan Matthew, Tim Moloney)
* allow transcoding during track transfer (Alessandro Decina: 322268)
* cd burning fixes and improvements (William Jon McCann)
* podcast feed parsing and download fixes (James Livingston: 339728)
* turn the playback backend into a full GObject interface (James Livingston: 338667)
* add more API documentation (Jonathan Mattjew)
* add vorbis tag editing (James Livingston: 339878)
* fix various threading insanities (Jonathan Matthew)
* display "child libraries" with multiple library locations (James Livingston: 100552)
* improve drag-and-drop from browsers (Jonathan Matthew: 327540)
* support Motorola ROKR phones (Joe Barnett)
* make query model limits saner (Janes Livingston)
* source cleanup and API improvement (James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew)
* improve status feedback for DAAP (Jonathan Matthew: 322020 and 338978)
* memory improvement and leak fixed (James Livingston, Jonathan Matthew)
* kill Bonobo support, require DBus, support DBus 0.3.0 (Jonathan Matthew: 339720)
* add lyric download and view plugin (Jonathan Matthew: 319320)
* add "add to playlist" menu (James Livingston: 323364)
* allow changing of audio cd metadata (James Livingston)
* improve DAAP handling (William Jon McCann: 342643)
* update and write new unit tests (James Livingston)
* group sources (Jonathan Matthew)
* add new "rhythmbox-client" program (Jonathan Matthew: 340863, 155763)
* assorted build fixes (Brian Cameron, Paul Drain, Elijah Newren,
  Hendrik Richter, Ryan P Skadberg, Götz Waschk, Pawel Worach,
  FreeBSD GNOME project, others)
* HIG and UI improvements (Dennis Cranston, Baptiste Mille-Mathias)
* many other bug fixed (Christophe Fergeau, Jaap A. Haitsma, James Livingston,
  Jonathan Matthew, Mikael Olenfalk, Roozbeh Pournader)

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