pygtk 2.9.1

       Module: pygtk
      Version: 2.9.1
  Uploaded by: Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
  md5sum: 0d31ecd943c1522b35bab83e8e0211e5
    size: 936K
  md5sum: b020eed71960e612e35821a0f28e5a3b
    size: 744K


pygtk-2.9.0 13-june-2006
    - Allow gtk.TreeSortable.set_default_sort_func callback to be None
      (Johan, Patrick O'Brien)
    - Add API to unset the g_log handlers (#323786, Johan)
    - Allow the gtk module to be imported without DISPLAY (#316877, Johan)
    - Code cleanup and fixes considering Coverity reports (Johan)
    - Add codegen support for const-Object return type (#169204, Gustavo)
    - Add codgen support for unblocking threads around method calls (Gustavo)
    - Wrap gdk_event_handler_set (Johan)
    - Codegen reverse wrapper bug fix (#340162, Yevgen Muntyan)
    - Wrap GdkRegion (John Ehresman)
    - Add codegen support for ignore-type statement in override (Johan)
    - Add conditional support for gtk+ 2.10 API, especially printing
      (Johan, Finlay, Gustavo)
    - Complete the support for gtk.Container virtual methods (#341641, Gustavo)
    - Fix misc. reference leaks (Finlay, Gustavo)
    - Allow None parameter in pangocairo.CairoContext.set_font_options (Finlay)
    - Complete the support for gtk.CellRenderer virtual methods (#339431, Gustavo)
    - IconView.set_cursor method params 'cell' and 'start_editing'
      made optional (#343039, Ross Burton, Finlay)
    - Wrap a few more gdk_cairo_* methods (Finlay)
    - Add a 'selection' field to gdk.OWNER_CHANGE events (Finlay)
    - Allow None in gtk.Entry.set_inner_border() (Finlay)
    - gtk.Clipboard rich text methods (Finlay)
    - Add gtk.MessageDialog.set_image() (Finlay)
    - Wrap gtk_link_button_set_uri_hook() (Finlay)
    - Allow None in gtk.Widget.input_shape_combine_mask() (Finlay)
    - Allow gtk.LinkButton() constructor to optionally receive a label (Finlay)
    - Allow None in gtk.Label.set_mnemonic_widget() (Johan)
    - Wrap a bunch of X11 specific gdk methods (Gustavo)
    - Add gtk.SizeGroup.get_widgets() (Finlay)
    - Wrap gtk_style_lookup_color() (Finlay)
    - Wrap a bunch of gtk treeview grid lines methods (Finlay)
    - Better Drag and drop API support (Finlay)
    - Add -I option to codegen (defs search path) (Gustavo)

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