metacity 2.15.5

       Module: metacity
      Version: 2.15.5
  Uploaded by: Elijah Newren
  md5sum: 983eb3ee58263214e3e57c2f962fbd6a
    size: 2.7M
  md5sum: 057a284898385218b8711229d659c2ed
    size: 1.7M



Thanks to Björn Lindqvist, Søren Sandmann, Adam Jackson, Elijah
Newren, and Aidan Delaney for improvements in this release.
 - code cleanup in resizepopup.c (Björn) [#341648]
 - fix a logic bug so that the whole titlebar becomes sensitive to
   mouse clicks (Björn) [#336320]
 - make mouse cursor when moving windows become a hand (Björn) [#337376]
 - lots and lots of compositor improvements -- beginning of a new
   layer to abstract transition effects, shrinking and minimizing and
   exploding effects, fading in and out, unminimize animation that
   reverses minimize one, translucent menus, bounce on window focus,
   and all kinds of stuff I don't understand and can't summarize well
   (Søren, Adam)
 - Fix a crash on exit/logout from assuming a compositor would always
   exist (Elijah) [#342166]
 - code cleanup in tabpopup.c (Aidan Delaney) [#166890]

  Pema Geyleg (dz), Iñaki Larrañaga Murgoitio (eu), Theppitak
  Karoonboonyanan (th), Clytie Siddall (vi)

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