vte 0.13.2

       Module: vte
      Version: 0.13.2
  Uploaded by: Behdad Esfahbod

  md5sum: d8ad49a17412a658b494c19b67787e7d
    size: 1.3M

  md5sum: aa21fbf815faa986ebea8f3189ac4f94
    size: 988K


	Bug 344666 â?? Problems with *_CFLAGS and *_LDFLAGS in makefiles
	             Patch from Stepan Kasal <kasal ucw cz>.
	Bug 339529 â?? gnome-terminal (vte) crashes when detatched window is
	Bug 342549 â?? uninitialized var (coverity)
	             Patch from Paolo Borelli.
	Bug 342082 â?? vte_invalidate_region() may check whether terminal is
	             realiazed or not
	             Patch from Kouhei Sutou.
	Bug 340363 â?? vte Cygwin build fixes
	             Patch from Cygwin Ports maintainer
	Bug 341793 â?? vte.h doesn't need to include X11/Xlib.h
	             Patch from Kouhei Sutou
	Require intltool 0.35.0 to have translations in the dist tarballs.
	Fix typo which may have been causing things like crashes.

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