lsr 0.2.1

       Module: lsr
      Version: 0.2.1
  Uploaded by: Peter Parente
  md5sum: 12965ef0224aff4b3cac4284faf383ae
    size: 304K
  md5sum: 30cb2e187515e8e1c064be9145cf838d
    size: 224K



User interface

* Better reporting of accessible components
 * Combobox current text reported on focus
 * Tree level reported on level change and first focus (bug #343388)
 * Menu role and name announced before menu items when switching between menus
* Review of visible items works on text, trees, lists, and tables now
* Added mute indefinitely key command


* Added DeveloperPerk with the following commands
 * Refresh all loaded scripts without restarting LSR
 * Report names of all loaded scripts
 * Show or hide all development monitor windows
* Added -g command line parameter to generate a new extension template
* Update of TaskTools to support new output semantics
* Added support for text selection events
* Added support for storing script and application state separately


* Updated Keyboard device to support stateful keys as modifiers (e.g. CapsLock) 

* Complete refactor of output interface to support device Style objects
* Mapping from semantics (role, title, level, etc.) to styles
* Plumbing to support persistence and configuration of extension settings
* Plumbing to support auto-generation of settings dialogs for extensions


* Posted Gaim Perk tutorial as hands-on example of writing a script extension
* Updated user guide to mention new key bindings
* Regenerated epydoc to match latest API


* sv(Christian Rose)


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