gnome-python 2.15.2

       Module: gnome-python
      Version: 2.15.2
  Uploaded by: Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro
  md5sum: 975ebd17156ef91a483ed2380a8303f2
    size: 536K
  md5sum: d0ec52fafc7c307028f5208e06bda98e
    size: 392K


Overview of Changes from gnome-python 2.15.1 to gnome-python 2.15.2
* gnomevfs
 - Fix FileInfo.valid_fields computation (Sidnei da Silva)
 - Add some missing permission constants (Sidnei)
 - Add new FileInfo.access field (Gustavo)
 - Add sync variant of "file control" method (Gustavo)
* gnome
 - gnome.program_init changes process name on Linux with prctl (Gustavo)

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