gossip 0.11.2

       Module: gossip
      Version: 0.11.2
  Uploaded by: Martyn James Russell

  md5sum: 0ef4fe1772084dc16e0231fd2a7dfda3
    size: 1.6M

  md5sum: f67bbeac01b48b1f140c93ea64045e65
    size: 1.1M


NEWS in 0.11.2:
- Added avatars to the chat window (Martyn). 
- Cleaned up the preferences and some of the gconf keys have changed, this
means some of your preferences might need resetting (Martyn).
- Added a preference for showing avatars (Martyn).
- Added a preference to disable the contact online notifications (Martyn).
- Stop flashing the task list a while after new messages arrive (Richard).
- Fixed #342928, Show subscription requests in the roster instead of JUST the
notification tray which isn't ideal for people without one (Martyn).
- Fixed #343375, Make sure we follow the XMPP spec for RFC 3921 with
regards to adding and removing contacts. Subscription was broken
somehow since 0.10 (Jonatan Magnusson).
- Fixed #339285, Move to new LINGUAS method (patch by Przemyslaw
- Fixed #339679, Use case insensitive search in the logs (Richard).
- Fixed #343511, Support scroll events in the presence chooser (Richard).
- Fixed #331773, Ask for confirmation before clearing the list (Richard).
- Fixed #344438, Set mnemonic target for the theme combo (Richard).

Jordi Mallach (ca)
Richard Hult (sv)
Wouter Bolsterlee (nl)

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