evolution-jescs 2.6.3

       Module: evolution-jescs
      Version: 2.6.3
  Uploaded by: Glynn Foster

  md5sum: a4a1c0e096f340e2380c374b864476e6
    size: 656K

  md5sum: cc5ffb307557111376c42a92ea974198
    size: 492K


2006-06-09  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	Bump to version 2.6.3.

	* configure.in:

2006-06-09  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* lib/sunone-connection.c: (sunone_connection_search_calids):
	Wrap the vcalendars in search result in a vcalendar to handle the case
	in which there is only one vcalendar returned in search result.

2006-06-08  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* storage/sunone-subscription-dialog.c:
	(sunone_subscription_dialog_new): Make the dialog bigger.

2006-06-06  Wang Xin  <jedy wang sun com>

	* calendar/cal-backend-wcap.c:
	(process_component_from_server): For all day events without dtend,
	set dtend according to dtstart.
	(cal_backend_wcap_get_changes): Fix a palm sync bug.

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