gdm 2.15.4

       Module: gdm
      Version: 2.15.4
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: bc6c86b5690d4faf817b1478cad94b83
    size: 2.3M
  md5sum: eca9b013069c7ee30ffc9352a36247a3
    size: 1.7M


2.15.4 Stuff:

- Correction for serious security issue where the user can enter the
  GDM configuration GUI with a user password when the Face Browser
  is enabled.  Refer to bug #343476 and
  CVE-2006-2452.  (Brian Cameron)

- Fixed bug where when the "Include All" button is modified in the
  Users tab, the Automatic/Timed login dropdown lists update
  properly.  (Brian Cameron)

- Now gdmflexiserver calls gdmcomm_check with FALSE so it will not
  pop up a dialog.  gdmflexiserver can be run with the --command
  option which can be used when the user does not have permission to
  a DISPLAY, so trying to show a dialog was causing gdmflexiserver
  to core dump when the check failed.   (Brian Cameron)

- Added gestures to the AccessKeyMouseEvents configuration file
  so that users can access more accessibility features using
  dwell gestures.  (Brian Cameron)

- Now Welcome message is saved in the configuration file in 
  UTF-8 format for better readibility.  (Frederic Peters)

- The GDM daemon once again supports the -nodaemon option.
  (Ray Strode)

- Improvements to Face Browser.  Now do not ask the user to
  re-enter username on password failure.  The cancel button
  must now be used to unselect a user.  (Brian Cameron)

- Now when GTK+ style buttons are used in gdmgreeter themes, 
  focus always returns to the entry field after clicking on
  a button.  (Brian Cameron)

- Now per-display configuration works for greeter/SystemMenu
  and greeter/ChooserButton keys.  (Brian Cameron)

- "make install" no longer fails if chown fails.  (Brian

- If authdir is the fallback dir.  If not, and GDM cannot 
  access the user's $HOME directory, then try and use the
  fallback directory.  (Arjan Timmerman)

- Translation updates (Pema Geyleg, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan,
  Gabor Kelemen, Priit Laes, Kjartan Maraas, Ankit Patel,
  Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Francisco Javier F. Serrador,
  Clytie Siddall, Alexander Shopov, Vincent van Adrighem)

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