ekiga 2.0.2

       Module: ekiga
      Version: 2.0.2
  Uploaded by: Damien Sandras

  md5sum: 569e0f79ec018ca3e8f2979449dd6f0f
    size: 5.8M

  md5sum: d593da6ac49dce495ef4c6ada06b54b6
    size: 4.6M


Fixes in OPAL/PWLIB/Ekiga since 2.0.1:
- Fixed problem with the activation of actions on contacts in the
addressbook. (#334685, Julien Puydt)
- Added a tooltip for the status text ("Connected to...") label,
to read the full text even the message is cut off (Jan Schampera)
- Added missing notifiers for "new message" sound event (Damien Sandras)
- Fixed rport support when receving SIP request from another host
than the one mentionned in the Via. (#335002, Damien Sandras)
- Remove REGISTER and SUBSCRIBE from the Allow field. (#334979, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed SRV lookup when creating connections. (#334994, Damien Sandras)
- Improved CANCEL handling. (i#334985, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed user in From field so that it always corresponds to a registered
account. (#335006, Damien Sandras)
- Unregister using the same remote address than the one used to register.
(#334999, Damien Sandras)
- Prevent loop of unregisters when leaving. (#334997, Damien Sandras)
- Prevent the UI from freezing a few micro seconds while registering accounts.
(Damien Sandras)
- Fixed opensolaris compilation issues. (#335196, Boying Lu)
- Fixed wrong key name in URL handlers section for Gnome (need-terminal --> needs_terminal). (Jan Schampera)
- Fixed end call detection through dbus. (Julien Puydt)
- Fixed playing/pausing of calls through dbus (#333465, Julien Puydt)
- Fixed useless focus grabbing in druid which made some pages impossible to get the focus. (Jan Schampera)
- Fixed remote contacts crashing on win32 or with the --disable-gnome version.
(#335472, Jan Schampera)
- Fixed the case of a user creating a contact while not having any local
addressbook. (#334960, Julien Puydt)
- Fixed leaking the system username on the network -- a security/privacy risk
(#335784, Julien Puydt)
- Allow duplicate INVITE PDUs to be treated concurrently. (#334847, Damien Sandras)
- Make sure the reason of the end of the call is always the last thing displayed in the status bar. (Damien Sandras)
- Fixed browsing of ILS servers. (Damien Sandras)
- Made sensitivity of the zoom related menuitems dependant on the actual zoom
factor. (#336575, Jan Schampera)
- added "New contact" to the contacts context menu. (#336588, Jan Schampera)
- Fixed framesize calculation of video frame. (#336572, Jan Schampera)
- Fixed sensitivity setting of "Fullscreen" Menuitem and sensitifity when
leaving fullscreen mode. (#336575, Jan Schampera)
- Fixed a bug in wrapper code for GtkTextView that made it non-selectable text (occured in chat window). (#336789, Jan Schampera)
- Fixed LDAP search filter so that it works with LDAP servers that do not have a "location" attribute. (#336849, Damien Sandras)
- Made most dialogs/popups closable by ESC (partially fixes #337494) (Jan Schampera)
- Fixed problem with cursor turning into a hand at the wrong position in the
text chats. (#336793, Julien Puydt)
- Ekiga will now detect if it is already running on win32 and bail out.
(#337794, Michael Rickmann)
- Fixed chat text formatting corruption. (#335794, Simon Wood)
- Fixed command-line parsing on win32. (#337797, Michael Rickmann)
- Set the From field to the address of record of the default SIP account. (#334457, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed infinite loop when calling an host with more than 1 SRV record. (Damien Sandras)
- Set the From field to the address of record of the default SIP account (#334457, Damien Sandras)
- Partially fixed stuttering on win32 (#337799, Michael Rickmann)
- Made the use of SDL more reliable on win32 (#337795, Michael Rickmann)
- Made the help work on win32 (#337798, Michael Rickmann)
- Added support for SDP offers in the OK response, and SDP answer in the ACK 
request. (Damien Sandras)
-Fixed wrong behavior with different priorities when building the priorities list. (#339314, Damien Sandras)
- Monitor IP address changes to update the listeners. (#335398, Damien Sandras)
- Made the 4s delay in the audio test work on win32. (#337799, Michael Rickmann)
- Color inactive tabs when receiving a chat message. Open new tabs in the background (#335857, Simon Wood)
- Do not lookup recipient's address when using an outbound proxy. (#334455, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed broken OSS plugin. (#338505, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed problem with dynamic payload type codecs. (#337456, Damien Sandras)
- Added resizing capability for VYUY YUYV formats. (#330946, Luc Saillard)
- Avoid losing error dialogs behind the druid (#338270, Julien Puydt)
- Better ILS browsing support. (Damien Sandras)
- Fixed wrong packets loss count. (#339866, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed video flipping bug during calls with preview active. (#339867, Damien Sandras)
- Fixed routing with proxies who do not support the 'lr' parameter. (#340415, Damien Sandras)
- Improved UVC camera support. (Martin Rubli from Logitech)
- Fixed fullscreen issues on win32 (#337792, Michael Rickmann).
- Uses lower initial bandwidth by default when registering to gatekeepers. (#300366, Damien Sandras)
- Fixes crash in address book when no address book is selected (#34210, Julien Puydt)
- Fixed parsing of JPEG streams with DHT markers (Martin Rubli from Logitech)
- Fixed handling of call forwarding/transfer in case of incoming call (Damien Sandras)

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