Module: garnome
  Uploaded by: Joseph Sacco
  md5sum: af145a7e450e52628cc103dae3e3145a
    size: 632K
  md5sum: ccb0e68170b274de7c6f107efaa714e9
    size: 492K


2006-06-01  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* platform/libxml2:
	* bootstrap/docbook-xml:
	back down to docbook-xml 4.1.2 due to gtk-doc insisting in that
	particular version

	* geektoys/mail-notification: fix checksums, reflow blurb

2006-05-31  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* fifth-toe/gossip: bump version to 0.11.1
	* desktop/gnome-backgrounds: bump version to

2006-05-31  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* freedesktop/poppler: bump version to 0.5.3; add blurb
	* desktop/evolution: remove post-configure and post-clean targets
	mail-notification no longer needs them
	* geektoys/mail-notification: remove the configuration argument

2006-05-30  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* office/glabel: bump version to 2.1.3
	* fifth-toe/tsclient: bump version to 0.148
	* fifth-toe/pan: bump version to 0.99
	* geektoys/mail-notification: bump version to 3.0-rc2; remove patches
	* geektoys/liferea: bump version to 1.0.14

2006-05-30  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	Revert all this. It doesn't work. Magic is supposed to be ugly. I
	should know better where to copy from... No soup for me.

	* desktop/yelp/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* desktop/evolution-data-server/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* desktop/librsvg/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* desktop/totem/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* desktop/epiphany/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* geektoys/liferea/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* mono/gecko-sharp1.0/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	* mono/gecko-sharp2.0/Makefile (LIBDEPS):
	Changed the mozilla/firefox gtkmozembed detection magic to be
	somewhat cleaner.

2006-05-29  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* desktop/libsoup: bump version to 2.2.93
	* gnome-backgrounds: bump version to 2.14.2
	* file-roller: bump version to 2.14.3
	* gnome-media: bump version to 2.14.2

2006-05-29  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* desktop/gnome-panel: bump version to 2.14.2
	* desktop/control-center: bump version to 2.14.2

2006-05-29  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* bindings/libgconf-java: bump version to 2.12.3
	* bindings/libglade-java: bump version to 2.12.4
	* bindings/libgnome-java: bump version to 2.12.3
	* bindings/libgtk-java: bump version to 2.8.5
	* bindings/cairo-java: bump version to 1.0.4
	* bindings/glib-java: bump version to 0.2.5
	Switch to smaller bz2 archives for all the above, uncomment
	unnecessary MASTER_SITES, since f.g.o hosts these.

	* POST-INSTALL: Some reformatting to fit better into 80 chars width.

2006-05-28  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* desktop/gnome-applets: bump version to 2.14.2

2006-05-28  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* freedesktop/glitz: add blurb

2006-05-26  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* office/dia: bump version to 0.95-1

	* platform/libxml2: fix LIBDEPS typo

	* desktop/libxklavier: use the more reliable and faster f.g.o than, use the smaller bz2 archive

	* platform/libxml2: fix checksums for buildDocBookCatalog script

2006-05-25  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* freedesktop/glitz: bump version to 0.5.6
	* platform/libxml2: alter buildDocBookCatlog script used in
	post-install target to support docbook-xml-4.4
	* bootstrap/docbook-xml: bump version to 4.4
	* bootstrap/docbook-xsl: bump version to 1.70.0
	* platform/libxml2: add blurb; 
	add LIBDEPS = bootstrap/docbook-xml bootstrap/docbook-xsl
	* bootstrap/bison: bump version to 2.2

2006-05-24  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* freedesktop/poppler: bump version to 0.5.2, finally fixes evince

2006-05-23  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* desktop/gnopernicus: bump version to 1.1.0

2006-05-21  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* geektoys/monkey-bubble: better fix, deal with make oddities

	* geektoys/monkey-bubble: fix the magic, applies to GCC 4.0.x as well

	* desktop/eog: bump version to 2.15.2

	* desktop/gal: farewell old friend
	* office/gnumeric: remove obsolete desktop/gal dependency

	* geektoys/monkey-bubble: restrict black GCC magic to those
	versions that need, err... understand it

	* geektoys/mail-notification: fix LIBDEPS, adding gmime

2006-05-20  Joseph Sacco <joseph_sacco comcast net>

	* desktop/gdm: patch config/ to prevent install from
	failing if 'chown root' fails

2006-05-20  Karsten Bräckelmann  <guenther rudersport de>

	* desktop/fast-user-switch-applet: bump version to 2.15.2
	* geektoys/gst-plugins-bad: bump version to 0.10.3

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