evolution-exchange 2.5.5

       Module: evolution-exchange
      Version: 2.5.5
  Uploaded by: Harish Krishnaswamy

  md5sum: c94f79370e3c47d3b92822ac890c6436
    size: 1.5M

  md5sum: d62510988e48f70fae9767da99e4c588
    size: 984K


2006-01-14  Sushma Rai  <rsushma novell com>

	* configure.in: Define API_VERSION.

	* storage/Makefile.am: Replace @API_VERSION@

	* storage/exchange-component.h: using API_VERSION for Exchange 
	Connector book and calendar factories. 

	* storage/GNOME_Evolution_Exchange_Storage.server.in.in: Similar.
	See #323115.

2006-01-10  Simon Zheng  <simon zheng sun com>

	* camel/camel-exchange-folder.c (camel_exchange_folder_construct):
	* storage/exchange-migrate.c (cp_r):
	Delete make_dir() and use the e_util_mkdir_hier() instead of it.
	* mail/mail-utils.c (mail_util_extract_transport_headers): Use
	e_util_strstrcase() instead of e_strstrcasea().

2006-01-06  Simon Zheng <simon zheng sun com>

	* storage/exchange-autoconfig-wizard.c:
	* storage/exchange-config-listener.h:
	* storage/exchange-delegates-control.h:
	use libedataserver/e-account-list.h instead of e-util/e-account-list.h.
	use libedataserver/e-account.h instead of e-util/e-account.h.

2006-01-06  Sushma Rai  <rsushma novell com>

	* camel/camel-exchange-folder.c (exchange_expunge): Expunge deleted
	items from all folders. Fixes #273546.

2006-01-06  Sushma Rai  <rsushma novell com>

	* calendar/e-cal-backend-exchange.c (load_cache): Returning error
	code on any failures. Return if fail to read the cache file
	corresponding to the folder.
	(open_calendar): Return the status of load_cache instead of success
	(set_mode): Set the mode, writable status and notify mode always.
	In case of local mode, set the account status to offline and call
	exchange_account_connect, so that folder hierarchy is set and loading
	the cache file succeeds.
	Fixes #325717, #325726.

2006-01-04  Chenthill Palanisamy  <pchenthill novell com>

	Fixes two crashes and appearance of recurring exception events.
	* calendar/e-cal-backend-exchange-calendar.c (get_changed_events):
	Get the changed events for instances and instances with no master 
	(modify_object_with_href): If modifying a master object of recurrence get
	the object string from updated_comp.
	(receive_objects): check if the rid is present before converting to string.
	* calendar/e-cal-backend-exchange.c: (get_object): Check if it has
	a master component before adding it in the vcalendar.

2006-01-02  Sushma Rai  <rsushma novell com>

	* configure.in : Bumped the version to 2.5.4
	* NEWS : Updated

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