ORBit2 2.13.3

       Module: ORBit2
      Version: 2.13.3
  Uploaded by: Kjartan Maraas

  md5sum: 59cd5646f714d26dae5aaebad77a7249
    size: 960K

  md5sum: f879b3b77880df9a15ffdea171bb2e82
    size: 692K



	* bug fixes
		+ Fix crash on null adaptor (Michael)
		+ Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan, Jens Granseuer)
		+ Improve configure stage on Win32 (Tor)


	* bug fixes
		+ realloc should update length/tracking information
		  (Martin Blom)
		+ Fix memory management and crashew when shutting down
		  the ORB. (Anders Carlsson)
		+ Build/correctness fixes (Tor, Jules)

	* features
		+ More work on porting to Win32 (Tor)
		+ Implement forward binding (Fernando Herrera)
		+ Implement new ORB_init option ORBNetID (Jules Colding)
	* bug fixes
		+ Build fix (James Henstridge)
		+ Memory management fixes (Anders Carlsson)
		+ Reset connection for forwarded objects (Anders)
		+ Don't use -export-dynamic (Mark)
		+ if we have failed on the unix socket, have IPv4 or 
		  IPv6 connections enabled and are on localhost, then 
		  don't connect on the corresponding port from the profiles
		  (Arvind Samtur)
		+ Fix a bunch of compiler warnings and make some code static
		+ Add threading libs to ORBIT_NAME (Michael)
		+ Check for netdb.h (Sandie Vanderme)
		+ Check for sys/sockio.h (James Andrewartha)
	* Other
		+ Improve docs for users of ORBit2 (Jules Colding)


        * bug fixes
                + add ORBIT2_MAYBE_CONST (Tor, Mark)


        * bug fixes
                + reduce stack size for I/O thread (Mark)
                + work with pkg-config >= 0.16 (James H)
                + check for netdb.h (Sandie Vanderme)
                + release lock in ORB destroy (Aivars Kalvans)
                + error condition fix in demarshaling (Michael)
                + check for sys/sockio.h (James Andrewartha)
                + AC_PREREQ bump (Gustavo Gama)
                + add threading libs to name service (Diego Petteno)


        * bug fixes
                + Fix infinite loop when using ORBInitRef (Anders Carlsson)
                + Fix memory leak in initial references (Anders Carlsson)
                + Use correct host name for unix sockets (Arvind Samptur)

        * bug fixes
                + Fix mem leak on exception overwrite (Michael)
                + Fix demarshalling CORBA_any containing
                  null or void values (Michael)
                + IDL generation (esp. skelimpl) fixes (Jules Colding)
                + Ongoing Win32 port work (Tor Lillqvist)
                + Fix linking on Darwin (Hans Petter Jansson)

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