f-spot 0.1.12

       Module: f-spot
      Version: 0.1.12
  Uploaded by: Larry Ewing

  md5sum: 0efa6c2cc0b6cc1d0e1dc8795e320adf
    size: 1.3M

  md5sum: c4dd89b4a472edc11d43d4a7804346a7
    size: 924K


f-spot 0.1.12 - August 28 2006 - Cormorant
- Fix exif description bug.
- Fix open with exception handling.
- Enable translations in screensaver.
- Fix the import dialog recursion issues.
- Handle self referencial IFDs in tiff/exif.
- Don't duplicate photos if they are already in the right place.
- Handle errors while sharpening and loading images.
- Work around gtk+ filechooser bug.
- Avoid long intervals with no refresh in slideshow.
- Handle errors while attempting to adjust colors. 
- Avoid raising the main window above the fullscreen window.
- Make the importer handle cancelation properly.
- When copying files unset the readonly flag. 
- Make the screensaver setup logic also handle the mode.
- Improve missing file handling.
- Start import immediately if path is passed on the command line.
- Many more fixes

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