gedit 2.15.9

       Module: gedit
      Version: 2.15.9
  Uploaded by: Paolo Borelli
  md5sum: f3dea74e20ad70ec8e4c480a7d9145a1
    size: 4.4M
  md5sum: a53bd0305bbac5c5e9d6c7896687ed47
    size: 2.6M


gedit 2.15.9

New features and fixes
- Use proper preference when a modeline is changed (Steve Frécinaux)
- Ensure correct lifecycle of objects in python plugins (Paolo Borelli)
- Filebrowser plugin fixes (Jesse van den Kieboom)
- Proper error handling for remote file save (Paolo Borelli, Paolo Maggi)
- Improve save on close for read-only files (Paolo Maggi)
- Handle remote zero length files correctly (Paolo Borelli)
- Make sure the document is editable after printing (Paolo Maggi)
- Consider the mime-type hierarchy to choose the syntax highlighting (Paolo M.)
- Initialize gnome authentication manager before plugins (Jesse van den Kieboom)
- Misc improvements and bugfixes

- User manual now covers External Tools, Python Console, and
  Modelines plugins (Joachim Noreiko)
- Chunking depth changed (Joachim Noreiko)

New and updated translations
- Alexander Shopov (bg)
- Funda Wang (zh_CN)
- Hendrik Richter (de)
- Ilkka Tuohela (fi)
- Ivar Smolin (et)
- Jordi Mas i Hernandez (ca)
- Josep Puigdemont i Casamajó (ca)
- Leonid Kanter (ru)
- Raivis Dejus (lv)
- Rajesh Ranjan (hi)
- Žygimantas BeruÄ?ka (lt)


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