kiwi 1.9.9

       Module: kiwi
      Version: 1.9.9
  Uploaded by: Johan Dahlin
  md5sum: 32482bd29ab7c78ccc1e12cc93c69adb
    size: 344K
  md5sum: 39e899af59bc7a359fd262cdf2ef6017
    size: 284K


kiwi-1.9.9: 23-august-2006
    - KiwiEntry improvements (Johan, Patrick, Ronaldo)
    - Win32 installation fixes for Gazpacho & Kiwi (Johan)
    - DateEntry fixes (Ronaldo, Johan)
    - DateEntry win32 support (Aaron Spike)
    - Logging improvements (Johan)
    - Datatypes refactoring and improved Gazpacho integration (Ronaldo)
    - Add UI tests (Johan)
    - Bugs fixes:
      #2535: entry needs exceptions that don't fail (Patrick O'Brien)
      #2545: DateEntry calendar popup doesn't hide correctly (Ronaldo)
      #2562: Falha na exibição de valores do tipo "currency" (Lincoln, Ronaldo)
      #2610: [Patch] Remove unnecessary on_column__clicked handler (Dave Cook)
      #2611: Adding a sortable keyword to objectlist (Dave Cook)
      #2612: [Patch] objectlist.refresh() fix and optimization (Dave Cook)
      #2632: Problems with datatype currency when the language ... (Lincoln, Johan)
      #2654: Decimal precision is removed when pickling (Ronaldo)
      #2656: ComboEntry's clear() is missing (Ronaldo)
      #2681: Kiwi doesn't respect system colors after widget ... (Johan, Gustavo Barberi)
      #2682: Mandatory fields fails to validade if they state ... (Gustavo, Ronaldo)
      #2685: Make it able to turn fading of invalid stateness to ... (Ali, Johan)
      #2697: Add a pixbuf data type (Johan, Ronaldo)
      #2698: Add a ProxyButton (Johan, Henrique)
      #2720: DateEntry breaks when set invalid. (Ali)
      #2721: Missing locale specific date formatting information ... (Aaron Spike, Johan)
      #2758: Datatype converters should provide a get_mask method. (Ronaldo)

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