seahorse 0.9.3

       Module: seahorse
      Version: 0.9.3
  Uploaded by: Nate Nielsen
  md5sum: 8c7fa4cf426f631bdaf892158c873594
    size: 1.9M
  md5sum: f422acdc655d5e55a4adbdfb026ece07
    size: 1.3M


seahorse 0.9.3 

    * Now manages the authorized_keys file and can add keys 
      to it from the SSH key properties.
    * Added support for importing SSH keys.
    * SSH keys cached in the agent now show up in the 
      'Cached Encryption Keys' window
    * Fix problem with SSH agent messages not being 
      passed on fully by the proxy.
    * More reliable SSH passphrase prompting. 
    * Better UI for SSH passphrases. 
    * Secure password entry box now looks just like a normal
      GTK entry box.
    * When editing the key server list, the selection in the 
      'Publish to' box no longer jumps around.
    * Better compatibility with PGP key servers.
    * Safer munging of gpg.conf
    * Added simpler dialog for generating PGP keys
    * Show the owner trust properly in the PGP key properties 
      dialog [Adam Schreiber].
    * Removed old-style MIME support.
    * Removed old nautilus (< 2.8) extension.
    * HIG fix [chpe]
    * Other fixes.

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