gtk-engines 2.7.8

       Module: gtk-engines
      Version: 2.7.8
  Uploaded by: Thomas Wood
  md5sum: 4cf37b279a5a0530dbba8d0310c96dbd
    size: 648K
  md5sum: 5eece46b655fcf027d6b3775ef105bcc
    size: 452K


Overview of Changes in 2.7.8 (since 2.7.7)

Highlights in this release include:

	- Add paranoia and deprecated configure flags
	- Improve HighContrast (HC) engine inconsistent state check mark
	- Use the base/text values for expander arrow in HC (fixes invisible
	  indicator problem)
	- Improve visibility/contrast of checks in HC
	- Fix broken Clearlooks menu on panel check
	- Implement a focus rectangle for GtkEntry
	- Many other visual improvements to Industrial

See the ChangeLog for full details of other smaller fixes and enhancements.

Fixed bugs in this release:

	349575 - C89 Fixes (Last C89 Patch to close bug)
	350606 - Location of G_GNUC_INTERNAL breaks Solaris build
	351057 - Leak in clearlooks_style.c

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