gnome-themes 2.15.92

       Module: gnome-themes
      Version: 2.15.92
  Uploaded by: Calum Benson
  md5sum: caf71aef805b5b85c96ede1b88ada226
    size: 2.6M
  md5sum: 0c087f9e0f391fc9524b91bfd0270a07
    size: 2.2M




2006-08-15  Kjartan Maraas  <kmaraas gnome org>

       * Require intltool 0.35.0 to make sure translations
       work with the po/LINGUAS scheme.

2006-08-08  Thomas Wood  <thos gnome org>

       * Fail if icon-naming-utils not found
       * desktop-themes/Mist/ Use Mist rather than Flat-Blue
       for the icon theme
       * icon-themes/Mist/
       * icon-themes/Mist/scalable/
       * icon-themes/Mist/scalable/{actions,status}:
       * Start to make the Mist icon theme actually work

New/improved translations:

2006-08-19  Alexander Shopov  <ash contact bg>

       * bg.po: Updated Bulgarian translation by
       Alexander Shopov <ash contact bg>

2006-08-18  Thierry Randrianiriana  <randrianiriana gmail com>
       * mg.po: Added Malagasy translation.
      * LINGUAS: Added 'mg'.

2006-08-17  Satoru SATOH <ss gnome gr jp>
       * ja.po: Updated Japanese translation.

2006-08-17  Artur Flinta  <aflinta cvs gnome org>
       * pl.po: Updated Polish translation by GNOME PL Team.

2006-08-16  Daniel Nylander <po danielnylander se>
       * sv.po: Updated Swedish translation.

2006-08-16  Gabor Kelemen  <kelemeng gnome hu>
       * hu.po: Translation updated.

2006-08-15  Clytie Siddall <clytie riverland net au>
       * vi.po: Updated Vietnamese translation.

2006-08-12  Changwoo Ryu  <cwryu debian org>
       * ko.po: Updated Korean translation.

2006-08-11  Hendrik Richter  <hendrikr gnome org>
       * de.po: Updated German translation.

2006-08-10  Guntupalli Karunakar  <karunakar freedomink org>
        * dz.po: Updated Dzongkha translation by
        Dzongkhalinux team, DIT

2006-08-09  Funda Wang  <fundawang linux net cn>
       * zh_CN.po: Updated Simplified Chinese translation.

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