seahorse 0.8.2

       Module: seahorse
      Version: 0.8.2
  Uploaded by: Nate Nielsen
  md5sum: ee7de41490edd7123de6e99880c34efd
    size: 1.4M
  md5sum: 24d9a8c3564700d105847934020920bd
    size: 972K


seahorse 0.8.2

    * Fix problems with seahorse-agent leaving temp directories 
      in ~/.gnome2/
    * Make keyid column sortable
    * Don't display expire date for remote keys.
    * Make background of tray icon transparent.
    * Ignore key server URIs with unsupported schema
    * Prompt for a signer when signing a key.
    * Several crasher and smaller fixes.

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