system-tools-backends 1.9.3

       Module: system-tools-backends
      Version: 1.9.3
  Uploaded by: Carlos Garnacho
  md5sum: 2658449e49565634bd42c443532fe3e4
    size: 520K
  md5sum: 4ad33a82d18a990723393a9aa9677d35
    size: 392K


System Tools Backends Version 1.9.3, 2006-08-12

The System Tools Backends version 1.9.3 "Pit stop for the mind" have been released.

The System Tools Backends are a set of cross-platform modules for Linux, FreeBSD and other Unix systems. The backends provide an common DBus interface to all distros for modifying or reading the system configuration.

Right now the System Tools Backends fully support various distros/OS such as: Redhat, Mandrake, SuSE, Fedora, Debian (and derivations like Ubuntu, Linex, Guadalinex...), Gentoo, Slackware, FreeBSD, OpenNA, PLD, Vine and Specifix.

Changes since last release

  - Fix services parsing on Gentoo (garnacho)
  - Fix services parsing with file-rc (garnacho)
  - Make platform detection code more generic, create a distro metamap, from now adding a new distro that behaves *exactly* like other is one liner (garnacho)
  - Various code cleanups and improvements, avoid redundancy with distro maps. (garnacho)
  - Add support for PLD 2.99 (Cezary Krzyżanowski)
  - Several modified and unmodified Ubuntu patches:
    * Add Posgresql-8.1 to services list
    * Better ISDN detection
    * set default serial port speed to 115200
    * daemonize the backend
    * specify chatscript path to pppd

Thanks to Cezary Krzyżanowski and the Ubuntu folks

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