libvte-java 0.12.1

       Module: libvte-java
      Version: 0.12.1
  Uploaded by: Andrew Cowie
  md5sum: 888443dd9aa20ebfc662c99b78b901db
    size: 340K
  md5sum: 9d1d28710614910c80486b3bcdf08ae6
    size: 244K


2006-08-03  Andrew Cowie  <andrew operationaldynamics com>

	Version 0.12.1
	Inherit macro fixes in glib-java

2005-07-19  Adam Jocksch  <ajocksch redhat com>

	* src/java/org/gnu/gnomevte/
	(setBackgroudColor): Renamed to setBackgroundColor.
	(setBackgroudImage): Renamed to setBackgroundImage.

2006-06-15  Remy Suen  <remy suen gmail com>

	* COPYING: Altered the license to be LGPL instead of GPL as it is
	specified in the source files.

2006-06-06  Stepan Kasal  <kasal ucw cz>

	* Remove trailing whitespace.

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