glib-java 0.2.6

       Module: glib-java
      Version: 0.2.6
  Uploaded by: Andrew Cowie
  md5sum: b0e5acbfdc74c20e8bdd5d3afbf0d06c
    size: 328K
  md5sum: 80aa32ba4901ed92a1ef8a53fd9157e5
    size: 232K


2006-08-03  Andrew Cowie  <andrew operationaldynamics com>

	Version 0.2.6

2006-07-09  Andrew Cowie  <andrew operationaldynamics com>

	* macros/am_path_gcj.m4:
	Use -dumpversion instead of --version for determining what the GCJ
	version is.  Thanks to Joshua Nichols <nichoj gentoo org> for
	reporting and suggesting the fix at #345422, which this closes.

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