beagle 0.2.6

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.2.6
  Uploaded by: Joe Shaw
  md5sum: e63b2fc9eaaf2a2747e37eba6cb99371
    size: 1.7M
  md5sum: 56437aed8e5ac14a1b679755784e1a12
    size: 1.4M


Version 0.2.6
April 29, 2006

* Don't always redirect stdin/stdout/stderr and close them if we
  don't want them in the first place.  Fixes a problem where
  shell scripts wouldn't launch.  (Joe Shaw)
* Only set timestamps on files if the backend hasn't already
  set them.  (Debajyoti Bera)
* Allow filters and backends to register mappings between query
  keywords and property names.  (Bera)
* Back out the buggy Mono leak workaround and just require Mono  (Joe)

* Store the date in the indexable's timestamp instead of using a
  dc:date property in the various feed backends.  (Bera)
* Strip HTML tags from Gaim logs so that they don't show up in
  beagle-search anymore.  (Bera)
* Ignore all special files in the file system backend, not just
  symlinks.  (Joe)

* Add a package base class for EBuild, RPM, and deb filters.  (Bera)
* Add a Debian package filter.  (Kevin Kubasik)
* Resync entagged-sharp with upstream, which includes the new Ogg
  Vorbis mime type.  (Daniel Drake)

* Add a calendar tile to the build.  (Joe)
* When running in icon mode, change the Exit menu item to Close.
  (Lukas Lipka)
* Add Escape and Ctrl-W accelerators for closing the window.  (Lukas)
* Use the long date instead in the details pane for IM logs and mail
  messages.  (Lukas)
* Update the description and site fields with the correct properties
  in the RSS feed tile.  (Lukas)
* Various layout fixes in different tiles.  (Lukas)
* Fix an incorrect "From" label in emails that you send.  (Max Wiehle)

* Move the -s argument before the username in beagle-crawl-system to
  appease some versions of su.  (Joe)
* Don't hardcode the beagle-settings size, just set a default size.

* Add the indexable service calls to the C API.  (Bera)

* Fix a markup bug in the Hungarian translation.  (Joe)
* Fix a typo in the Czech translation.  (Stanislav Brabec)
* Updated Dutch translation.  (Tino Meinen)
* Updated German translation.  (Hendrik Brandt)


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