orca 0.2.3

       Module: orca
      Version: 0.2.3
  Uploaded by: William Walker

  md5sum: 522c1d648f0d2cada29e4a4afbc2b89c
    size: 648K

  md5sum: da0a125f01d4d73f41c1fd99120f8368
    size: 456K


* Many changes to the way settings are handled, including allowing them
  to be dynamically reloaded at run time.
* Nascent support for configuration GUI (still needs work).
* First pass at key and word echo (still needs work).
* Added support for ~/.orca/orca-customizations.py, a file that will
  not be overwritten, but will also be loaded if it exists.
* New settings.orcaModifierKeys setting to allow the user to specify
  which key(s) are to be used as the Orca modifier key.
* Refactor of script.py to include methods for getKeyBindings,
  getBrailleBindings, getInputEventHandlers, and getListeners to make it
  easier for subclasses to override these things.
* Provide support to allow a script on a toolkit basis versus just being on
  a per app basis.
* Fixed the way localized files were being found and used.
* Reduced repetitive verbosity.
* Reincorporated nascent support for magnification (still needs work).
* Updates to the requirements document.
* Make metacity script recognize apps started after Orca was started.
* New script for planner.
* Better handling of spell checking in StarOffice, Evolution, and GEdit.
* More reliable synchronization of local Accessible cache.
* Fixes for bugs 338687, 334294, 319643, 319789, 330631, 319651,
  339690, 334893, 338240, 337857, 337704, 337709, 337489, 337322,
  336648, 330487.

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