gnome-user-docs 2.14.1

       Module: gnome-user-docs
      Version: 2.14.1
  Uploaded by: Brent Smith
  md5sum: 4981c4fd39ae41aa1a29c5f758c66323
    size: 2.3M
  md5sum: ff144dba5a50b24bf7b94ecd4fc2d61c
    size: 2.0M


Version 2.14.1
* User guide updates:
  - rewritten section on editing menus         (Joachim Noreiko)
  - rewritten Keyboard Layouts Preferences     (Joachim Noreiko)
    & Typing Break sections
  - rewritten Keyboard Shortcuts Preferences,  (Joachim Noreiko)
  - rewritten Keyboard Layout Options.         (Joachim Noreiko)
  - added note about Ignore Host List in       (Joachim Noreiko)
    Network Proxy prefs
  - new section on item properties window:     (Joachim Noreiko)
    basic intro & links in and out
  - updated section on detachable toolbars and (Joachim Noreiko)
    added info on Editable menu accelerators 
  - updated section on the Filechooser,        (Joachim Noreiko)
    following review by GTK team
  - added appendix section 'Joining the        (Joachim Noreiko)
    GNOME Project'
  - documenting launcher replaceable command   (Joachim Noreiko)
    parameters, #307978
  - cleaning up terminology for the panel      (Joachim Noreiko)
* Updated translations (too many to list)

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