atomix 1.2.3

       Module: atomix
      Version: 1.2.3
  Uploaded by: Guilherme de S. Pastore
  md5sum: 49c628f9f95b4516eb2db91dd529b862
    size: 216K
  md5sum: 35d3e50718f9303ad34b28a48a3c3ee6
    size: 192K


2005-09-12: Released version 1.2.3

	* Fixes some bugs
	* Brings up-to-date documentation
	* Integrates better with the environment, mainly by making more
	  use of GTK+ stock icons and the new default GtkAbout

2005-06-26: Released version 1.2.2

	* Build and installation improvements
	* Better desktop integration through the .desktop file
	* Usability improvements, by disabling menu items at times they
	  cannot be used

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