evolution-jescs 2.4.1

       Module: evolution-jescs
      Version: 2.4.1
  Uploaded by: Glynn Foster

  md5sum: 59cf8fe9d7f1a3aee7031e46ecd3fb46
    size: 596K

  md5sum: 1fa134b4bd530331cf407ce95e997702
    size: 440K


2005-09-08  Harry Lu  <harry lu sun com>

	* configure.in: since we don't ship .la files on Solaris,
	build failed on Solaris because of Undefined Symbols from
	libeutil and libemiscwidgets. Add them directly to LIBS to
	fix this problem.

2005-09-07  Harry Lu  <harry lu sun com>

	* autogen.sh: require automake-1.6
	* calendar/Makefile.am: remove useless CFLAGS
	* camel/Makefile.am: rermove useless CFLAGS
	* configure.in: fix the CFLAGS and LIBS
	* lib/Makefile.am: fix an automake error
	* storage/Makefile.am: add an empty line
	* storage/sunone-itip-view.c: (format_date_and_time_x),
	(set_calendar_sender_text): update from evolution's code.

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