gazpacho 0.6.2

       Module: gazpacho
      Version: 0.6.2
  Uploaded by: Lorenzo Gil Sanchez
  md5sum: 1da18938b4eb1c7b7aef8dbd3de2543f
    size: 428K
  md5sum: 64311aa9688c456838903b3777703981
    size: 376K


Gazpacho-0.6.2 7-September-2005
- Bug fixes: 313469, 313548, 313573, 313435, 313439, 313686, 314219, 314527,
  314609, 312809, 314621, 314581, 315357
  (Johan, Mattias, Harry Wright, Ali Afshar, Zeeshan Ali)
- Code cleanups (Johan)
- Refactor adaptors code and split it in several files under the base package
- Move most of the bug reporting code from the proxy to gazpacho (Lorenzo)
- Added lots of unittests (Johan)
- Drag and Drop improvements (Mattias)
- Make gazpacho a little bit more embedable-friendly (Ali Afshar, Johan)
- Edition of custom widgets (Johan)
- Fix BoxSizeProp (Danirl Borgmann)
- Fix containers not showing placeholders inside them (Mattias)
- Fix/improve several random properties (Johan)
- HIG fixes (Johan, Mattias)

Gazpacho-0.6.1 13-August-2005

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