NetworkManager 0.5.1

       Module: NetworkManager
      Version: 0.5.1
  Uploaded by: Christopher Aillon
  md5sum: 9b5876e2a5b9e5e65279c37cf9253d26
    size: 860K
  md5sum: 3bf0266bf9d1caa7b5962a996a74c1f1
    size: 648K


Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.5.0

* NetworkManager
	* Don't drop the last scanned AP (Dan Williams)
	* Broadcast state change when disconnected (Robert Love)
	* The Slackware backend now builds (Nico)
	* Don't install unsued config files (Dan Williams)
	* Add a test for libnm_glib_unregister_callback (Christopher Aillon)
	* Requires wireless-tools 28pre9 (Christopher Aillon)

* nm-applet
	* Use g_get_host_name () if we've got it (Christopher Aillon)
	* Fix an unitialized variable (Robert Love)
	* Fix sensitivity of VPN items (Robert Love)

Overview of changes since NetworkManager-0.4.1

* NetworkManager
   * Initscripts are now generated
   * Not waiting as long for scans to complete (Bill Moss).
   * Fix several D-BUS object leaks (John Palmieri, Dan Williams,
                                     Christopher Aillon)
   * VPN now advertises state changes
   * Make --without-named work (j bootlab org)
   * Make --with-dhcdbd work correctly (j bootlab org)
   * Fix timeout scan values (Bill Moss)
   * Send notifications of device strength changing so clients do
     not have to poll.
   * Don't return a UDI device if it doesn't exist (Tomislav Vujec)
   * Strip whitespace from the VPN banner (Bill Moss)
   * VPN Manager rewritten to better support signals (Dan Williams)
   * Don't allow clients to determine what states we should be
     scanning in, add logic to scan when we need to.
   * Blacklist some common ESSIDs such that multiple access points
     with these ESSIDs aren't treated as the same network.
   * Support for D-BUS enabled named (Dan Williams)
   * Only '#' is a valid comment in resolv.conf (Robert Love)
   * Don't try to set auth mode on the AP from the allowed list if
     it's NULL (Bill Moss)
   * Add internal scanning code so we don't have to use iwlib's
     code any longer (Dan Williams)
   * libnm now uses guints instead of gints for its callback IDs.
   * libnm_glib_unregister_callback () now works.
   * Fix our scanning interval (Robert Love)
   * Updates to backends for Gentoo, SuSE, RedHat, Debian, and
     Slackware (Robert Love, Peter Jones, Bill Nottingham,
                j bootlab org)
       - Dialup support in RedHat backend
       - ISDN support in SUSE backend
       - Other fixes

* nm-applet
   * The applet is no longer threaded (Dan Williams)
   * Dialogs no longer block the UI when shown
   * Passphrase dialog now treats Esc keypresses properly
   * Create Network and Connect to Network dialogs now have
     different window titles
   * New icons for connecting to a network and to a VPN
     (Diana Fong)
   * Context menu items have been cleaned up
   * Pressing enter in the passphrase entry should activate the
     default action.
   * Fix icon animation smoothness
   * Display more data in the Connection Information dialog
     (Robert Love) 

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