libgda 1.9.100

       Module: libgda
      Version: 1.9.100
  Uploaded by: Rodrigo Moya
  md5sum: 973c1ecb7435c11762406a38969081e7
    size: 2.2M
  md5sum: c943610dc4c9c286bb14d6ce3c6e549b
    size: 1.5M


libgda 1.9.100, 2005-10-13

 - Fixed #317267 (Rodrigo)
 - GdaRow API improvements (Vivien)
 - GdaColumn API improvements (Vivien)
 - Limit usage of SQLite internal structures (Vivien)
 - Removed usage of C++ 'new' keyboard as argument (Bas)
 - Added missing declarations to gda-column.h (Vivien)

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