librsvg 2.12.5

       Module: librsvg
      Version: 2.12.5
  Uploaded by: Dom Lachowicz
  md5sum: e47e0e9fbc7d6436918317afae7d97f0
    size: 520K
  md5sum: 1dda5cd57484667627b8a9a26f24a08d
    size: 392K


2005-10-06  Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* rsvg-paint-server.c: Backport Caleb's patch to 317871, fixing a crash
	inside of libart for some gradients.
	* rsvg-art-paint-server.c: Ditto

2005-10-04  Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>
	* rsvg-shapes.c: Fix problems in non-C locales. Bug #317615
	* 2.12.5

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