gnome-utils 2.12.1

       Module: gnome-utils
      Version: 2.12.1
  Uploaded by: Vincent Noel
  md5sum: 8ebb36cf64d6011ff0c1f610d1845078
    size: 2.6M
  md5sum: 345a330b7a80e09c0d5a6562438b346b
    size: 1.7M


GNOME Utilities 2.12.1 (October 4th 2005)

GNOME Search Tool

  * Fix bug #317147 - search for files also search in the parent 
	directory [Dennis and Emmanuel Touzery]
  * HIG issues [Dennis]

GNOME Dictionary

  * Fix bug #314017 - Correctly save the font size [Vincent]
  * Fix warnings [Vincent]

GNOME Floppy

  * Moved an #include to allow compilation with glibc
	2.2 [patch from Jens Granseuer]

GNOME Screenshot

  * Nuthin'

GNOME Log Viewer

  * Fix bug #317208 - C99-ism [Patch from Jens Granseuer]
  * Fix bug #316829 - crash when changing font size [Vincent]
  * Fix bug #316738 - crash when exiting [Patch from Luke Macken]

Translation updates :

  * eu [Inaki Larranaga], fr [Christophe Merlet], it [Andrea Zagli], vi
  [Clytie Siddall]


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