Module: gdm
  Uploaded by: Brian Cameron
  md5sum: 349b76492113ab814f2732d4ce3a49c2
    size: 4.1M
  md5sum: 2944ba9c2a2bf7032ac81dc24eecf32d
    size: 2.7M

---- stuff:

- gdmflexiserver supports --startnew option so that
  gdmflexiserver can be told to not pop-up the dialog
  asking if the user wants to start a current session.
  With this option it just always starts a new session.
  This allows running gdmflexiserver from the 
  screensaver, where the pop-up can't be interacted
  with due to the nature of the screensaver.
  (Brian Cameron)

- Now gdmflexiserver supports gnome-screensaver if
  available, then defaults to xscreensaver. 
  (William Jon McCann)

- Bug corrected in dwellmouselistener which caused it
  to always fail to recognize gestures.  (Brian

- Added warning message if gdmgreeter theme supports
  face browser but does not have pam-message defined.
  (Brian Cameron)

- gdmsetup and gdmphotosetup now only map right/left
  mouse buttons to button1 when running under GDM.
  When running as user, honor user defaults.  
  (Brian Cameron)

- XdmcpFill() failure is now logged as debug, since
  this happens when the client disconnects from the
  XDMCP server before the session was setup.
  (Bastien Nocera)

- gdmsetup fixed so when user modifies Include/Exclude
  list, the automatic/timed dropdown lists are updated
  immediately instead of having to stop and restart
  gdmsetup to see the users in the list.

- Correct illegal reference to build directory in 
  installed .la files. (Stanislav Brabec)

- Removed test that causes needless syslog() message
  on Solaris when auditing is turned off.  New docs
  explaining how to setup autologin on Solaris.
  (Brian Cameron)

- Translation updates (Gabor Kelemen, Priit Laes, Kjartan
  Maraas, Ankit Patel, Ignacio Casal Quinteiro, Hendrick
  Richter, Erdal Ronahi, Satoru SATOH, Francisco Javier F.
  Serrador, Alexander Shopov, Clytie Siddall, Tommi
  Vainikainen, Funda Wang, Vincent van Adrighem,
  Adam Weinberger) stuff:

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