beagle 0.1.1

       Module: beagle
      Version: 0.1.1
  Uploaded by: Jon Trowbridge
  md5sum: 5e3715cebdc3686ef3bd8c6beeb56f92
    size: 1.5M
  md5sum: e788ed11077e576797a0793631f2fe8b
    size: 1.2M


Version 0.1.1
October 3, 2005

* Keep track of the number of tasks we've processed in a given run
  through the scheulder and yield if we pass a threshold from the CPU
  stuff.  (Joe)
* Add a new task type which removes all items which match a certain
  property.  (Joe)
* Fixed leaking index file descriptors. (Daniel Drake)
* Force the encoding of XmlSerializer to be UTF-8 since it defaults to
  the current system encoding.  (Joe)

* Initial KMail support. (D Bera)
* Fix an exception in the file system backend when trying to ignore
  paths whose parent wasn't also being watched.  (Lukas Lipka, Joe)
* Correctly handle removed items in the Evolution Data Server backend.
* Use a new URI scheme that is compatible with Evolution 2.4, so that
  calendar items and contacts can be opened in Evo.  (Joe, Lukas)
* Fix an exception in the Gaim backend when not using inotify.  (Joe)
* Rename the IMLog backend to GaimLog. (Lukas)
* Better handling of directories with exotic permissions in the file
  system backend. (Jon Trowbridge)

* Add a bunch of special text mime types found in shared-mime-info for
  the plain text filter.  (Joe)
* Support OOo Draw files in OpenOffice filter. (David Richards)

* Fix an exception that would show up if you used beagle-index-url when
  the IndexingService backend wasn't enabled.  (Joe)
* Allow best to start beagled on amd64. (Jack Miller)

* Updated Bulgarian translation. (Alexander Shopov)
* Updated Chinese translation. (fwang)
* Updated Dutch translation. (Wouter Bolsterlee)
* Updated German translation. (Hendrik Brandt)
* Updated Japanese translation. (Takeshi AIHANA)
* Updated Vietnamese translation. (clyties)

Everything Else:
* Build the Evolution Data Server backend into its own assembly and
  install it into the system backend directory, allowing distributors to
  package and ship it separately from the main Beagle package.  (Joe)
* All the stuff I forgot. (All of the people I forgot)


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