gnome-games 2.12.1

       Module: gnome-games
      Version: 2.12.1
  Uploaded by: Callum McKenzie
  md5sum: 0d0b3f677b214c466785b6329e46e825
    size: 6.2M
  md5sum: b4870504aa1a5a759c89a2b92f1a2c21
    size: 4.7M


gnome-games 2.12.1

This is a stable maintenance release of gnome-games. Several bugs have
been fixed and translations have been updated. Upgrading is

The bugs fixed:

General: Fixes to the build system to ensure the correct glib version
is used and make sure compiling without ESD works. Compiler fixes for
Solaris and Mac OS X.

Aisleriot: Fix conflicts between menu short-cuts. Fail more gracefully
when a game file cannot be found (necessary when using a shared home

Nibbles: Fix conflicts between menu short-cuts.

Robots: Set the background color correctly at start-up.

Gnometris: Obey the preview preference at start-up.

Mines: Fix a crasher involving multiple simultaneous button clicks.

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