librsvg 2.12.4

       Module: librsvg
      Version: 2.12.4
  Uploaded by: Dom Lachowicz
  md5sum: 12e4554bca7a7550362b3e748b8f578b
    size: 520K
  md5sum: cfc7e22027d180eea312932394ecfc71
    size: 392K


2005-10-01  Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* 2.12.4
	* gdk-pixbuf-loader/io-svg.c: Because bug 308021 was fixed, and bug 317225 still
	exists (although possibly not within librsvg itself), I've re-enabled a match for
	"<?xml", with a priority of "1".
2005-10-01  Dom Lachowicz <cinamod hotmail com>

	* bug 314593, support firefox-config

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